La star NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, pourrait voir l'une de ses cibles de l'été refuser le poste qui pourrait lui être offert dans la franchise

The Lakers unveil their new jersey, they are humiliated!

Like the competition, the Lakers have decided to give their jersey a polish, unveiling a new alternative edition. The problem is that the jersey in question was very badly received… The fans showed themselves without mercy on social networks, gunning them down shamelessly.

After a 2021-22 fiscal year that made them the laughingstock of the league, the Lakers want to return to the front of the stage. The offseason, however, did little to reassure observers, the Californian franchise having attracted no big players in its nets. Failing that, the leaders have at least achieved one thing: release a new Throwback jersey. The latter has indeed been officially revealed by the angelino superteam:

Old-school jersey for the Lakers in 2022-23

The design pays homage to several crucial aspects of the franchise: for example, it’s obviously a nod to the outfit that the Purples and Golds wore when they were created, when they were still playing in Minneapolis. But it can also be seen as a reference to the local college of UCLA, which wears a similar jersey. Unfortunately, it looks like fans aren’t convinced at all. The reactions on social networks have indeed been particularly wild:

They look like UCLA, and they also play like a college team. It makes sense!

I can’t wait to see them lose 25 points with that on their back

Even with their brand new jersey, the Lakers fail to achieve unanimous support and they have been destroyed by the fans. Definitely, 2022-23 promises to be very tricky for them… Hopefully, this old-school outfit won’t jinx them when they play with it.

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