La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, aurait pris sa décision quant à son avenir dans la franchise

Russell Westbrook provokes the Lakers regarding a possible trade!

Very discreet for a few weeks about his future, Russell Westbrook does not yet know if he will return with the Lakers. However, the point guard may be playing with fire, at least according to his last like on Twitter. Does the star have a message to convey? Obviously, the answer is yes.

Very far from his best level for his first season with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook maybe hope for a second chance. He finished this last exercise strong, but the fans are still demanding his departure, especially for his behavior on the floor. His shooting is in freefall, when the point guard shows no desire to defend. For many, a trade in exchange for Kyrie Irving would be the best solution.

For the time being, that will not happen, because the two teams cannot find common ground. It’s increasingly likely that Brodie will stay in the City of Angels for another season, raising questions about team cohesion. By agreeing to retain Westbrook, the Angelinos take a big risk for their locker roomwhich could change a lot of things.

Russell Westbrook is playing with fire for his trade!

In the meantime, Russ isn’t there to calm the tensions that have been there for a long time. Sometimes active on his twitter account, the leader did not post a message, but he was content to “like” a tweet about his situation. The idea? That the Lakers are crazy to want to trade such a player after his season, and regardless of his performance. We hope Rob Pelinka got the message.

“Russell Westbrook over the last 10 games: 22.4 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists. 52% shooting, 41.5% three-pointers. Brodie was finding his groove after injuries and lineup changes, and the Lakers want to trade him? »

As we said, we must not forget that Westbrook finished the year strong, and that is why his supporters still have hope. It’s possible that Russ will shine again, especially with a new manager, but it’s a hell of a risk to take. It’s unclear if Russ wants to leave now, however, his message has been delivered to the Angelinos.

Satisfied with his end to the season, Russell Westbrook does not think he deserves to be traded by the Lakers. A new coach could allow him to regain his luster, but nothing is done, especially with a Rob Pelinka who is looking for a solution. Likely answer before September training camp.

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