NBA Jordan n'effrayait pas Magic et Bird

The only 3 stats Michael Jordan wanted to see at the end of his matches

Very important in the league since the dawn of time, the famous lines of statistics can be read in very different ways. Michael Jordan, he had his own approach to the thing. And as you will see, it was very square.

Ah, the stat sheet. So important in basketball, perhaps too much, it is used by some as a reference instrument for measuring a good game or not, ignoring the intangibles. But beyond the excesses they can generate, the stats can also be particularly useful to players, who do not always have time to analyze what they have done well or badly in the heat of the moment. . The champion in the matter? Michael Jordanobviously.

Michael Jordan’s special way of studying his stats

Unlike many players, who ask about their number of points scored, MJ only wanted to focus on three specific categories. It was his personal trainer and long-time confidant Tim Grover who revealed it in an interview:

MJ was like, “Don’t ever bring me that whole stat sheet like that again.” All I want is to know how many turnovers I made, how many free throws I missed, and how many fouls I committed. I’m supposed to score points, I’m supposed to make my teammates better, I’m supposed to rebound, pass, get fouls, defend, ok. It’s done, it’s not a subject.

Show me the stuff I’m not supposed to do instead. I’m not supposed to miss free throws, I’m not supposed to lose avoidable fly balls, and I’m not supposed to commit stupid fouls. These are the 3 things I need to see the stats after every game, in order to improve every day in these areas”.

No doubt: the mentality of Michael Jordan remains unmatched, and his perfectionism too. It was at this price that Her Majesty was able to reach the zenith of her sport, and establish her dominance over the league for an entire decade.

Beyond his personal case, several players could take inspiration from this approach of the Hall of Famer, which essentially consists in not gargling about what one does well, but in having the courage and the temerity to work on what needs to be improved. A message relayed by many coaches, but unfortunately not always applied by the players.

30 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists? It doesn’t matter for Michael Jordan, who wanted to work on his shortcomings in order to get closer to perfection. Simply a GOAT mentality.

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