La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, s'est agacée au sujet du prétendu rival de Stephen Curry qui serait capable de l'éteindre sur le terrain

“The Warriors must do everything to keep it”

The Warriors have been talking a lot about them in recent weeks, since the franchise would not want to do the maximum to keep Draymond Green, in search of a big contract. A real problem, but above all a big debate among the fans. For this analyst, the Dubs are making a big mistake here.

Defending champions, the Warriors have every intention of retaining their crown in a year, with a Steph Curry at the top of his game. If the workforce remains intact, Steve Kerr’s men will logically be among the favorites, except that the summer is still long in California. In question ? Contract extensions. Jordan Poole is still waiting for his, as is Andrew Wiggins, who may wait until 2023.

An important choice to come from the Warriors

But will the former Wolves player stay? Maybe not. As a reminder, with more than 300 million dollars, Golden State is losing a lot of money to keep such a workforce, and this sum will increase significantly with the new extensions. The owner has already announced the color: a choice will have to be made. Wiggins is the first name that comes to mind, Draymond Green is the next.

Green, so important to the Warriors, will be a free agent in a year, at least if he declines his player option. He is already thinking of extending, but against the maximum. He considers himself a player of this caliber, and therefore wants the pay to go with it. This is not the opinion of the Dubs, who do not want to keep it for so much money. A real anomaly for Colin Cowherd, who recalls that the Dancing Bear is very important in this workforce.

Well first of all it asks for a max extension which is different from a max contract. But there are some important things to note. His net rating was 7.5 on the floor in the playoffs, which is better than Steph and Klay. This is important because you have to take into account his attack and defense capabilities. In the 45 regular season games he was able to play last year, the Warriors had the best defense since the Spurs in 2004. Without him? They were 13th.

He is a player who changes absolutely everything on the defensive side, and a catalyst in attack. Before the start of the finals, I was the first to say that the Celtics defense could become one of the best of the last decade. But in the end, a lot of us thought the Warriors were ultimately better. This is thanks to two players: Andrew Wiggins, and Draymond Green. (…) For me, it is worth a lot of money.

For now, the Warriors are not entirely in agreement, not at least to offer him a big extension. We will have to wait until August 3 to find out more, when the two parties can negotiate. Nevertheless, the Dubs often like to wait until the last moment, which means that talks should begin next summer, to lead to a possible departure. In a year, a lot can still happen.

Does Draymond Green deserve a maximum extension? This has been the big debate among fans for the past few days. The Warriors don’t think that’s the case right now, but they’ll have a chance to change their minds by next summer. In the meantime, it’s up to the player to do the rest.

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