Paris sportifs : Le PDG de Sorare s’exprime sur la mise en garde de l’Autorité nationale des jeux (ANJ)

The CEO of Sorare speaks out on the warning from the National Gaming Authority (ANJ)

While the fantasy football blockchain game Sorare is under the surveillance of the National Gaming Authority, Nicolas Julia, the platform’s CEO, spoke on his social networks. He expressed his belief in the disruptive nature of his Web3 project, as well as his openness to discussion with regulators.

Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare, speaks on the issue of sports betting

Friday, the CEO and co-founder of Sorare, Nicolas Julia, returned to the warning expressed by the National Gaming Authority (ANJ). Indeed, the latter is carrying out the investigation, to try to find out if the fantasy football blockchain game whether or not it represents a form of disguised sports betting.

While some of ANJ’s arguments can be agreed, it might be unwise to make hasty shortcuts. However, the CEO of Sorare has expressed his understanding of the questions that regulators may have and that is also why that he favors education of these :

“These questions relate to the proper functioning of the democratic debate necessary in the face of the evolution of the world and the emergence of new technologies which are revolutionizing centers of interest as old as humanity. […] We are also communicating with regulators in a proactive approach that aims to explain what we are (and are not) since the early days. »

In addition, Nicolas Julia returns to the notion full ownership of these cards. This full ownership is made possible thanks to non-fungible tokens (NFT) and note that this is opposed to the idea of ​​bets where a sum committed is potentially permanently lost.

On the other hand, one of the possibilities allowed by the Web3 revolution is the removal of boundaries between various applications:

“In addition, these maps can not only be used on our platform, but also in a variety of third-party applications and platforms, and will remain the property of the users. »

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The necessary cooperation with the various authorities

We can add that paying, to hope to be eligible for additional rewards on Sorare, is entirely up to the user. It is indeed possible to discover the game for free.

Nicolas Julia also argues that “strong legal argumentsconfirm Sorare in the idea that their value proposition is completely new and does not enter into no existing frame. This is also valid for other French and European players building web 3.0.

This state of affairs should not be seen as an argument for saying that our ecosystem should be exempt from regulation. On the contrary, it is a call for dialogue and consultation :

“Make no mistake: it is normal that rules apply to this new category that we have created from France, and this is the subject of our proactive discussions with the regulators. These rules must simply correspond to what we are, and not to what we are not. »

Like any technological innovation, Web3 will have to go through this phase of doubts, expressed by regulators and the general public, before stand out as obvious in the collective mind. Thus, it is normal for players like Sorare and many blockchain projects to play the role of pioneers.

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Play and collect cards in NFT format

Thousands of € of crypto to be won

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