Summer holidays: these little-known financial aids that you can claim!

The current times are tough. Indeed, inflation does not help families’ budgets. But financial aid is offered to allow families to still enjoy the holidays. So whatever your status, whether you are a student, an employee or a family, you can surely receive financial aid.


Indeed, half of French people who do not go on vacation give up a potential departure because of their finances. Indeed, it is often difficult to make ends meet. Thus, families or individuals decide not to leave so as not to make their daily lives more complicated. However, lots of help exist and are intended to help you go on vacation. But they are not well known and many people therefore do not take advantage of them. We explain them all to you here.

Assistance for holidays with family or alone

Family Vacation Assistance. This aid is therefore intended for families wishing to go on vacation but with modest or average incomes. It is available if the families are eligible for aid from CAF. Thus, this aid helps to reduce costs. Thus, families can leave by booking reduced prices for holidays by the sea, in the mountains or at the campsite. It takes place in 3,600 holiday villages or campsites. If you want to take advantage of it and you think you are eligible, you can go to the Vacaf website.

The aid is paid directly to the holiday center where you are going. So you only havefinance the rest of the bill. If you want to know more about this help, you can go to

Holiday vouchers

Holiday vouchers are also a good way to reduce the costs of your holidays. Whether for accommodation or catering, it allows you to pay less. This is the same operation as restaurant tickets. It is the employee who finances part of it and the employer the other. Whether for private employees or civil servants, everyone can benefit from it. You should therefore remember to inquire with your works council. In addition, the CAF also gives holiday vouchers for families with at least one child based on his family quotient.

Annual leave ticket

If you have to take the train, this help is good to know. Whether you are an employee, civil servant, job seeker, retiree… In short, you can benefit once a year from a reduced price for the purchase of a round-trip train ticket included.

Aid for young people or students

Holiday vouchers

For people between 18 and 25 years old, this aid is good to take. Indeed, the National Agency for Chèques-Vacances offers help to 18 and 25 year olds to enjoy the sea, the mountains or the city. Whether in France or even in Europe. This aid is reserved for people under 25 but adults. Certain other criteria must also be met. So it is good to find out about this. It covers 80% of the total cost of the stay in the limited maximum of 250 euros.

In addition, you can sublet your accommodation when you are not there to make ends meet. But on condition of respecting certain rules.

Help for children and teenagers

For children’s holidays

As for the AVF, the AVE exists. It is an aid that the CAF offers to allow children or teenagers to take advantage of two weeks in a holiday resort. But it is always among a predefined list.


Help for Free Time looks like a checkbook. It makes it possible to finance leisure activities and is combined with the AFV and AFE. However, it can only be used during school holidays. To be able to benefit from it, you must be under 20 years old, have dependent children and be a CAF recipient by having a family allowance.

other bodies

You can also contact your works council or even turn to associations. Some offer to unearth good plans for young people. They sometimes also organize stays that cost less because they are in groups. So it is worth inquiring about this type of help too.

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