Hezi God 31 juillet 2022

It’s not just the NBAers who have fun in the Drew League, there’s Hezi God too

Ah the Drew League, this perfect theater to become the hit of the summer, thanks to a few viral highlights and while taking advantage of the media desert to rush into the breach of the YouTube Game. A man has understood this and this man is Hezi God, king of the playgrounds in the United States and who has been having a blast in the Summer League for a few weeks. Last night ? We almost wanted to give him an NBA contract, randomly in place of Danny Green, just to get a free headshot.

He is more often used to ridiculing darons on the asphalt, but this summer Hezi said to himself azy I’m going. True to his habit of surveying obscure gymnasiums between June and September, the entertainer has for a few weeks looked LiAngelo Ball or Jordan Bell in the eyes by inflicting some abuse on them in passingyes we are only talking about scrimmages with an intensity gauge close to zero but we also remember the significant difference in level between any average player and the most useless of the NBAers, DeAndre Jordan for example, two headshots for the price of ‘a.

Last night in any case, there was no gap between the NBA and the bendo, and Daniel Gafford was – among other things – able to realize it by taking the thunder many times against the square version of Uncle Drew, facing the alcoholic version of Lance Stephenson. Because clearly, there is Born ready in this player, both in his game, made of flashes and completely lunar shots, and in the celebrations, each success being celebrated like a victory in the World Cup and most often by waddling like a drunk guy at the end of the ball. Everything we love and everything we’re looking for between July and August, except maybe Daniel Gafford who had not necessarily planned to pass for the bullshit assistant of a clown out of (almost) nowhere.

He had already stuck 33 last week and he therefore exploded the counters this night. Hezi God is aptly named and ignites our summer nights before returning hat turned to playgrounds across the country. And we finish by stirring the knife in the wound: no, Danny Green does not hold 10 seconds in defense against this furious horse.

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