NBA Frank Ntilikina avec les Mavericks

Frank Ntilikina reveals his new hair look!

While he will be back with the Mavericks next year, Frank Ntilikina was in France recently to show off with a football shirt. A small birthday present for the Frenchman, who took the opportunity to unveil his new look capillary. A little change for the leader.

After a decent season with the Mavericks, with a conference final, Frank Ntilikina gave satisfaction to his team. It’s still not perfect offensively, but it does its job defensively, allowing Jason Kidd to give him minutes off the bench. The front office has decided to extend it, since the Frenchman will be back next year in Texas, still hoping to make a difference.

Frank Ntilikina ready for the new season!

While waiting for the resumption, which will take place in September with the training camp, Ntilikina was in Strasbourg to wear the club’s new football shirt. We recall that the French Prince evolved in the city before joining the NBA, which explains his attachment to the region. Bonus ? He was able to unveil his new hair look, even if it is the jersey that delights the supporters.

A nice birthday present for Frank, but with a little delay since he was born on July 28th. It’s the intention that counts, hoping that it brings him luck in his new adventure in Dallas at the start of the school year. In any case, we will follow its performance with attention.

Frank Ntilikina had a nice gift from the Strasbourg club, even if his haircut is also talking a lot. A new look for the leader, who may change by the time he resumes with his Mavericks. Anyway, we must wish him success in Texas.

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