Isaiah Thomas chez les Lakers

For his return, Isaiah Thomas slams a huge card!

Back in business overnight, Isaiah Thomas made sure to sign a real show, accompanied by a scoring card. Enough to raise the rating of the elf, who still dreams of a comeback in the NBA for the coming season…

It’s no longer a secret: Isaiah Thomas is ready to do anything to return to the NBA. After several not really conclusive experiences, the 33-year-old leader continues to believe in his lucky star and is ready in case a franchise is called. If the league seems to have given up on him, IT does not give up and takes every possible opportunity to remind that after all, he can still be useful to certain NBA teams.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, it was in Drew League that we found Thomas. And 2 weeks after the DeMar DeRozan recital and LeBron Jamesthe leader made the show with an XXL performance, which made everyone agree!

Isaiah Thomas catches fire in Drew League and slams a box!

Isaiah Thomas scored 45 POINTS today at the Drew League 🔥🔥🔥

An explosion in scoring, just like in the best days. Of course, opponents are of a different caliber, but this line of stats shows that despite the passing years and the trials he has to go through, IT remains a pure scorer, capable of catching fire at any time and face. to anyone.

Of course, it is impossible to leave you without the highlights of Thomas’ performance. And indeed, the former Celtics star has quite a few remains:

Isaiah Thomas wants to continue to believe in his dream, and this card should help make some NBA executives think. In any case, no one can ignore his pleasure to see IT so dominant on a floor!

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