La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, a démonté un jeune joueur pour son move qui fait polémique sur la toile américaine

The huge blow of pressure from the Nets in the Kevin Durant file!

If anyone had any doubts, the Nets are no joke in the Kevin Durant soap opera. Trade the star? Yes, but not under any condition. The front office intends to get what it wants, even if it means dragging out negotiations. The other teams are warned, it will be necessary to meet the demand to attract the services of KD.

It’s been almost a week since Kevin Durant asked to leave the Nets this summer, after only three seasons in the Big Apple. The exact reasons are still unknown to the general public, but the result remains the same: Brooklyn doesn’t really have a choice. The franchise refuses to keep a player who wishes to jump ship, which means that a trade of the star will take place during the coming months… remains to be seen when exactly, because the date remains very undecided.

For now, and if some wanted confirmation: negotiations are taking place. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Heat and Suns are in regular contact with the Nets to reach an agreement, but the latest update from the insider remains very worrying. The Nets, especially since the trades of Rudy Gobert and Dejounte Murray, want a certain counterpart to yield the number 7. If not, they will not hesitate to wait.

The Nets ready for anything in the Kevin Durant soap opera?

It must be remembered that Brooklyn does not need to rush into these talks. KD still has four years left on his contract, which means the managers can take their time. Their goal ? Contact interested franchises to try to obtain the best consideration. If nothing positive comes out of all this, the front office is already preparing to play for time, just to put the pressure on.

League staff say the Nets have made it clear that if they don’t get what they want for Kevin Durant, it could drag on until training camp.

Training camp will take place next September for NBA teams, which means the Durant soap opera could take months. Basically, it’s not really a surprise since we’re talking about trading one of the best players in the league. A complex deal, which could add a third team, or even a fourth. But the Nets themselves, have every intention of waiting as long as possible if necessary.

Kevin Durant traded by the Nets? It’s not for tomorrow given all this news from insiders. The deal remains very far from being done, and could wait until September before materializing. A blow for the player, who was perhaps hoping for an outcome during this month of July.

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