Still no next-gen for the PC version of NBA 2K23

While 2K unveiled the first official trailer for NBA 2K23, we now know that the PC version will not have the next-gen. Absent for several editions of the basketball game, the next-gen only appears on the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. Thus, players on PC and Nintendo Switch will once again be sidelined regarding the content of the famous franchise.

The official NBA 2K23 trailer.

No next-gen before NBA 2K24 for PC players?

If we had already been very disappointed not to take advantage of the next-gen on NBA 2K22 (see our test), this announcement undermines our morale a little and that of all PC players. The proof, the studio is taking no risk by confirming this news at the very end of its official FAQ, a way to drown out the information among all the news and announcements.

Although we understand the initial reason (the next-gen requires significant power), making PC players wait 3 years (at least) before taking advantage of this technology seems to us to be a low blow on the part of 2K. Especially since this argument of the power of the machine is less valid on PC since even entry-level PCs are now as powerful (in theory) as next-gen consoles.

While FIFA 23 has already confirmed the arrival of the next-gen on PC in September, this new delay of one year could drastically limit the popularity of the basketball game on PC.

Note that the Nintendo Switch is also deprived of next-gen, but this situation is significantly less surprising, especially since traditional sports games tend to be less present on the Japanese console.

PC players will once again be deprived of a next-gen version for NBA 2K23, further widening the gap between users of this support and those on consoles. While waiting to be able to play the new opus, you can find all the information about NBA 2K22 on Gamosaurus.

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