NBA Shaq provoqué par Kevin Durant

Shaq takes out the sulphur and kills Kevin Durant!

Like in 2016, when he joined the Warriors, Kevin Durant is alienating much of the NBA microcosm with his new trade request, just three years after arriving in Brooklyn. For example, Shaquille O’Neal just slaughtered him on social media.

Kevin Durant had redeemed an image by joining Brooklyn, after quite complicated years in the relationship with fans at the Warriors. By choosing to leave this dynasty to build his own adventure with Kyrie Irvingthe double MVP of the Finals had the opportunity to prove to his detractors that he could be a leader and take a franchise to the top in the role of only No. 1.

The problem is that after three seasons and only one series of playoffs won, KD intends to pack his bags and join a sporting situation that he considers better, as he was able to do in 2016. This time his choice does not should not go to Golden State, whateverbut rather on the Suns or the Heat, the best teams in the West and East over the last regular season.

For Shaq, KD drove the Nets bus off the cliff top

And if this choice is understood by some observers, who know the obvious dysfunctions in Brooklyn, others see this request for trade as a new proof of the opportunistic character of KD and his lack of leadership. On Instagram, Shaquille O’Neal shared a post that was quite critical of the All-Star, which uses the analogy used by Charles Barkley a few months ago.

Charles Barkley is right, his bus driver analogy is perfect. Kevin Durant couldn’t handle being #1 in a franchise, and he drove the bus off a cliff.

Several weeks ago, on the set of the show “Inside The NBA”, Charles Barkley launched a thrilling debate around the Warriors dynasty, saying that Stephen Curry had always been the leader and the best player on the team, despite the arrival of Kevin Durant and his two Finals MVP titles. A “controversial” opinion which was not unanimous at the time, but which gained credibility in the heart of this storm.

For Shaquille O’Neal, and everyone who shared this post, the last three seasons prove that the No. 7 does not necessarily have the shoulders to be the undisputed and undisputed leader of a franchise, as LeBron can be. James and the Chief. To silence the critics, KD will have to be blameless and above all successful in his next team.

Kevin Durant no longer feels at home in Brooklyn, he wants a new challenge, which some legends do not understand. For Shaquille O’Neal, KD is simply proving he doesn’t have the shoulders to be a leader.

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