La star NBA du Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, a été photographiée aux côtés d'un gros nom d'une top-team qu'il souhaiterait rejoindre, provoquant le buzz sur les réseaux

New twist in the Donovan Mitchell soap opera!

After the departure of Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell could also join a new franchise before the start of the school year in September. The Jazz are negotiating with a few teams, including the Knicks, who are very interested in the services of the star. Only here, dislodging Spida promises to be more difficult than expected according to Shams Charania, which clearly does not favor an exchange.

The Jazz are on the cusp of a full rebuild, after years of stagnating in the Western Conference. The leaders have already made a strong choice by sending Rudy Gobert to Wolves, but Minnesota’s proposal could not be refused, including five draft rounds in total. Now ? It’s a bit of a blur in the organization. Everything will depend on a single soap opera: Donovan Mitchell.

Stoppage in the Donovan Mitchell soap opera

The full-back is currently being traded by his team, although the front office aren’t against keeping him for the new season. But talks are taking place with other teams, to see if a satisfactory offer arrives in return. If this is the case, Danny Ainge will validate the exchange, while the rest of the roster will be threatened. However, we are still far from such a scenario according to Shams Charania.

For now, sources tell me that negotiations between the Knicks and the Jazz for Donovan Mitchell have stopped. There has been no contact for the past two weeks. This is the current state of things. Meanwhile, the Jazz are continuing conversations with other teams that are interested, such as the Hornets and Wizards. Nevertheless, the Knicks remain the priority, because they have 8 draft rounds to trade, but also a few young players in addition.

Indeed, the Knicks have what it takes to recover Mitchell, but the front office is not ready to make the necessary effort. We imagine that Ainge is very greedy to give up the star, which does not interest New York as it is. Other franchises hope to take advantage of it, while Spida was recruited by… Heat fans in the middle of a meeting.

Donovan Mitchell at the Knicks? We are far from it. The franchise is interested, but the Jazz’s asking price is too high. No guarantee in the wake that New York can play the title in the East, which means that this hesitation will not surprise anyone. Spida remains a formidable player, but not at this price.

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