NBA: When Stephen Curry invites himself in the middle of a … Barça match!

NBA: When Stephen Curry invites himself in the middle of a … Barça match!

It’s trending news from the NBA planet: Stephen Curry has received a wide-ranging tribute from another star, from a completely different sport, thousands of miles from the Golden States. And it’s a French world champion who is in charge!

When he doesn’t put three points like you put on your sneakers before leaving your house in a hurry, Stephen Curry take time to rest. And the Golden State Warrior star even made it a celebration. A gesture from the champion who sleeps well on his two ears, sated by the victories and the trophies piling up in the cupboard… A gesture that has toured the planet, so much so that it has just landed on a prestigious lawn in Europe. On the occasion of the friendly match between the heart rate Barcelona and the Juventus Torinoa Barça star took advantage of scoring a sumptuous double to pay tribute to Stephen Curry.

The “movement” is on!

Very close to leaving the Barca at the end of his contract, Ousmane Dembele went above and beyond to stay. Blossoming in Catalonia, the Frenchman even lowered his salary to be able to continue his Barcelona adventure. And the least we can say is that he is in great shape in this summer preparation. Despite the many recruits like Raphina and Robert Lewandowskispectators of the match BarcelonaJuventus only saw one player: Ousmane Dembele ! Author of a sublime double, two individual exploits which show that Dembouz is back, the Frenchman punctuated his two goals with a celebration made in “Curry”. The sleeping champion, putting both hands together along his bent face. NBA fans immediately recognized the signing of Stephen Curry. Arrested on social networks, the king of the NBA was quick to react: “A movement !! “. Hilarious, Curry enjoyed seeing a football star resume his gesture.

Moïse Kean is also getting started!

But the story doesn’t end Stephen CurryOusmane Dembele ! Another double scorer of this meeting, Moses Kean (Juventus Turin) also paid tribute to a star of NBA : Ja morant. A small rhythmic dance step for one more dedication to American basketball. Who’s next ?

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