NBA to get tougher with bench celebrations

NBA to get tougher with bench celebrations

We knew that the NBA had decided to eliminate intentional fouls that cut counterattacks, but this will not be the only notable change next season in terms of refereeing. According to Yahoo! Sports, the league chose to tackle celebrations on the bench. During the playoffs, the Mavericks accumulated $ 175,000 in fines due to the outbursts of enthusiasm of their replacements.

The NBA wants to be more severe, and as a few years ago, it plans to punish more harshly players who get up from the bench, and who at the same time hide the spectators. This is a regulation that already exists, but which was almost never applied. It is the league’s steering committee, in particular composed of the 30 owners, which must ratify this change.

Regarding “intentional faults” or “take foul”, they should be sanctioned with a free throw, in addition to possession.

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