Erreur impardonnable pour Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant réagit !

Luka Doncic’s ultra-cash statement on Kevin Durant!

Kevin Durant divides a lot within the league, especially because of his attitude and his mentality. On the other hand, he is much more unanimous for his sports performance. Luka Doncic made himself the standard bearer of almost everyone about him some time ago.

Luka Doncic embodies the future of the orange ball in the NBA, no doubt about it. In just four years, the Slovenian has established himself as one of the best basketball players on the planet, bringing virtually everyone to his feet with his insane performances. Dallas having also reached a milestone by reaching the conference finals in 2021-22, there is little doubt that it will seriously fight for the MVP in the coming seasons.

Until then however, the n°77 still has to face some obstacles, and more particularly some of its elders. In particular, we count LeBron James, whom he openly admits to having admired during his youth and who is still impressive when he is already 37 years old. Between their two generations, however, there is another led by Kevin Durantconsidered one of the best scorers of all time on the court.

So far, El Matador and the winger haven’t faced each other much: the first arrived in the league in 2018-19, KD’s last year with the Warriors before heading East and signing a blank season in stride. However, the Mavs star had all the time in the world to study his game and like many, he was blown away. While on JJ Redick’s podcast a while back, he couldn’t hide how bewildered the Slim Reaper was with his playstyle:

Luka Doncic amazed by Kevin Durant

Doncic : KD, man… When you watch him play, you think he’s way too easy. It’s just amazing, man.

Tommy Alter : How easy is it for him to score? Does it make you envious that he can do whatever he wants?

Doncic : I think everyone feels like that. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s just too easy. When you see him, you feel like anyone can do it, but only him can do it. It’s amazing how he manages to score so much.

Difficult to give Halleluka wrong, as the figures of the MVP 2014 defy understanding. In career, Durantula displays percentages on the verge of indecency: 49.6% shooting, including 38% from behind the arc and nearly 89% from the free throw line. For a player who takes on so many responsibilities in storage, it’s absolutely extraordinary and proof of his disconcerting ease in scoring in any situation, whatever the defense on him. A nightmare for all opposing teams.

Luka Doncic can only kneel before the talents of Kevin Durant, who is clearly one of the best strikers in history. Rest assured, El Matador will soon be talking about him in similar terms when it comes to the next generation of players.

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