Louisville takes a step back for its NBA franchise project

Louisville takes a step back for its NBA franchise project

More than four years ago, the city of Louisville embarked on the project of hosting an NBA franchise. The Louisville Basketball Investment and Support Group, along with its investors, then put $750,000 on the table.

More than 50 months later, and despite more than a billion dollars in the coffers, nothing has really moved for “NBA2LOU”. Dan Issel, the former Nuggets coach and important member of this project, is tired of waiting.

“We did everything we could, but we failed to push the NBA to create a new franchise”he explains. “I would say that, at the moment, we are treading water. »

Adam Silver said it again in July 2021: no expansion is planned in the short term. And since recent revenues are excellent ($10 billion), the league would have no reason to look to Seattle, Las Vegas or Louisville to set up one or more new teams.

In addition, we also know that the Blazers are not for sale, so they are not likely to move soon. Clearly, the desire of Dan Issel and investors cannot currently be satisfied. Therefore, no need to insist and it seems more reasonable to save your dollars and your patience for the right moment.

“We still continue the meetings”confirms Steve Higdon, the boss of the Louisville Basketball Investment and Support Group. “But they have diminished as the expansion has receded. Nevertheless, we are ready to move at any time. We are passionate about having an NBA franchise here. It would be a transformation for the city, we are convinced of that. Everyone knows what we want. We have to wait our turn. »

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