Steph Curry humilié pour son retour à Cleveland !

“It’s the second best thing to happen to the Warriors, after Steph Curry”

Stephen Curry is the best player in Golden State history, but a franchise isn’t built on good players alone. It also takes a quality front office for that, and as Charles Barkley said recently, one executive in particular has been a godsend to the Dubs.

Crowned with their fourth league title in eight years, the Warriors may be at a crossroads now. Their finances are tight which means many key players may have to leave. There is Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins in particular, and now also Draymond Green since the latter wants a maximum extension, which management does not seem ready to grant him. We are therefore preparing for a potential earthquake

However, even if the Big Three of the Bay were to lose one of its illustrious members, that should in no way call into question the work of the front office. On the one hand because the file is largely linked to Joe Lacob, owner of this franchise and therefore a cut above the leaders, but also because his last have done a titanic job to build such a strong team on the last years. The speed at which the Dubs got back on their feet after the start of Kevin Durant is the proof.

As such, one man in particular is to be saluted: Bob Myers, GM of the team since 2012. In ten years, the latter has achieved real madness for Golden State, building a dynasty with the signing of a well-felt trader set. . Something that Charles Barkley himself paid tribute to recently. Sports Illustrated relayed it thus in a recent article, the Hall of Famer has nothing but admiration for the forty-something, to the point of considering him a godsend for the franchise:

Charles Barkley raves about GM Bob Myers

During an interview with NBC Sports Bay Area during the American Century Championship at the Edgewood Tahoe Gold Course, Barkley gave much of the credit for Golden State’s success to Bob Myers, the team’s general manager. He even said he was one of the best things to happen to the franchise which became a dynasty under his leadership.

“Bob Myers did a fabulous job,” Barkley said. “He won the Finals for these guys this year, going for Andrew Wiggins. He was their second best player. Jordan Poole.,Otto Porter… Bob Myers was the second best thing to happen to the Warriors since Steph Curry in recent years. Give Bob Myers the credit he deserves. And, obviously, Otto Porter played well. The recruitment of Jordan Poole. You talk about Steph and those guys, give Bob Myers a ton of credit. He deserves it “.

Coming from the Chuckster, which nevertheless maintained a very big beef with the Californians throughout the 2021-22 playoffs, it says a lot about the respect the former players’ agent holds in him. We can therefore assume that he believes in himself to know how to make the right choices, in the event of Green’s departure. With a bit of luck, GS will also be able to count on its expertise to start from scratch, when Curry & co. Have decided to retire.

Charles Barkley makes it clear, Bob Myers has been a real blessing to the Warriors, almost as much as Stephen Curry. When you see what he has accomplished behind the scenes of the San Francisco team, it is impossible to claim otherwise.

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