Draymond Green fou de rage chez les Warriors

In the midst of controversy, Draymond appears with a superstar and unleashes the web!

Wanting to secure one last big contract, Draymond Green is now surrounded by a lot of rumors as the Warriors may not be able to give him what he wants. His presence with an opposing star therefore made the buzz recently, and the fans immediately revived the theories.

A week ago, we thought that Draymond Green would spend his entire career at Golden State. He had just won his fourth champion’s ring there, after all… Except that now, the interested party would like to sign a last max contract in his career, being now 31 years old. Problem, the finances of the Californians are extremely tight and if the franchise wants to look to the future, giving in to this whim would not be a good idea at all. We must in particular take into account the future extension of Jordan Poole, which is likely to be expensive.

As a result, we are preparing for a real earthquake in the Bay, and each appearance in public from the inside is logically scrutinized very closely. A departure is really no longer excluded… That’s why seeing him alongside LeBron James recently has not failed to attract attention. On a walk with the Laker, the two players being long-time friends, he notably played the photographers for the latter as well as for fans who came across them:

Draymond Green spotted with LeBron James!

In principle, the sequence is perfectly innocuous and one could say that it is simply two friends spending time together. Only here, this reasoning does not apply to the NBA and the supporters therefore did not take long before calculating a possible arrival of the DPOY 2017 in the City of Angels. He could form a very interesting and oh so smart racket there with the King, until the latter decides to retire. The reactions were therefore unsurprisingly fiery:

Oh la la, I can already see Stephen Curry fans crying

Could Draymond Green move from one division rival to another, leaving the Warriors for the Lakers? It is in any case the theory of the moment after we saw him in the company of LeBron James. Not sure that Dubs fans won’t forgive him for that, despite all his accomplishments at home…

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