NBA KD encense le record de Curry

In full rumours, the XXL trade proposal between Warriors and Nets!

Golden State isn’t much talked about anymore in Kevin Durant’s case in Brooklyn, but the Dubs may still be in on it. A reputable analyst has also formulated an exchange proposal for the two franchises recently. After what just happened, it wouldn’t even be so surprising.

Lately, it seems that Boston is holding the rope, in case of Kevin Durant trade. The Celtics are the ones to have made the biggest offer after all, including offering Jaylen Brown against the Nets winger. However, we should not leave aside the Warriors, who were long said to be the hidden favorites in the case of the double champion. Their problem was that with their tight finances, it seemed difficult to come up with a concrete offer.

However, these doubts may well be put aside soon, following the drama around Draymond Green. Interior wants a big new contract, which the Bay franchise may not be able to offer him. Might as well take advantage of its market value, then? At least that’s what some league observers think, starting with Nick Wright. The journalist from Fox Sports thus suggested including him in a package sending him to the Blacks and Whites, against the Slim Reaper:

Draymond Green and young people against Kevin Durant?

Draymond Green, out. Jordan Poole, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, two unprotected first-round picks… I think the Nets will at least have a phone conversation with the Warriors if they offer them this package. The Warriors are in “if you reveal that we made you this offer, we will never talk to you again” mode. But I think if they make that offer, then the Nets are going to want to meet them.

Sincea departure from the Dancing Bear is no longer so unthinkable, the idea is far from being grotesque and it is a fact: the counterpart quoted would indeed have something to intrigue Brooklyn. Green would be the boss of the dressing room and would form a big defensive duo with Ben Simmons, while the youngsters of the Dubs would bring a breath of fresh air. That being said, fans are not yet convinced by this possibility, thinking that it will never happen:

I love the Warriors trade, but unfortunately that will never happen.

Draymond Green, Jordan Poole and parts for the future against Kevin Durant, that’s the package the Warriors could offer the Nets according to Nick Wright. Such a move would be the equivalent of a thunderclap in the league… But after the recent revelations about the big man from the Bay, nothing can be ruled out.

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