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“I deserve the Hall of Fame”: an ex-Laker launches a big debate among the fans!

Entering the Hall of Fame is a huge honor for any player, but it is not reserved for everyone. However, a former Lakers veteran is convinced that he deserves to be included, given his accomplishments. Enough to start a fairly divided debate with the fans.

As of now, Dwight Howard doesn’t have a clue where he will play in 2022-23. His contract expired with the Lakers, and while there’s a chance he’ll return to California, it’s not guaranteed yet. Suddenly, the pivot keeps all his options open. He notably made a foot call to the Nets, but he is also already thinking of retirement, with an amazing plan B. He is after all 36 years old, all with a role that has diminished a lot over the last few seasons.

However, who says end of career sometimes says legacy, especially in the case of players who have completed a long journey. That matches D12, who was one of the most dominant NBA athletes of his generation. For him, this is also worth the greatest honor in basketball across the Atlantic, namely an induction into the Hall of Fame. The veteran broached the subject recently, during an interview with journalist Brandon Robinson. According to him, the question should not even arise:

Dwight Howard thinks he’s a Hall of Famer: “That’s not for me to decide. But I think one day I will get the recognition I deserve. Until then, I will keep improving, keep smiling, and keep enjoying life. »

Dwight Howard, Hall of Famer or not?

For the trouble, the debate is intriguing enough to look into. Howard is one of only four players in history to be triple Defender of the Year, along with Rudy Gobert in particular. He also has five rebounding titles and has nearly 15,000 career strikes, as well as more than 2,000 blocks. In terms of stats, he clearly has his place… but as said above, the second half of his career was much more difficult and he has been a substitute for a while now. As a result, opinions are quite divided among fans:

He’s a 100% Hall of Famer. I don’t understand how anyone could think otherwise.

Lol! Dwightmare in the Hall of Fame!!!??? Keep dreaming, big boy. It’s as unlikely as the league changing its logo to a cross.

Does Dwight Howard deserve to go to the Hall of Fame? The pivot’s numbers are impressive as is the individual record, but the second half of his career may not be working in his favor. In any case, the fans will take a long time to present a united front, if that ever happens.

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