Lance Stephenson 6 janvier 2021

how not to be in love with lance stephenson

Off-peak times oblige, TrashTalk has taken the habit each summer of making you relive with emotion the greatest moments of the past season. Except in 2021, because in the summer of 2021 know that the editorial team came very close to surrendering, but that’s another story. So we go back to the good old formula, we go back a few months, and we remember that this 2021-22 season was crazy, from the first day to the last. Today ? Lance Stephenson who plays guitar, a classic.

Lance Stephenson’s career will forever remain an asteroid in NBA history. More than ten years in the League for… less than 9 points on average, seven franchises visited for a season or less but… seven seasons spent in Indiana, stronghold of all its exploits and/or its finest childishness, the one usually does not go without the other. We obviously remember this age of glory between 2013 and 2014, when the Pacers of a Lancelot still very young challenged the Heatles of LeBron James in the Conference Finals two seasons in a row, but what will remain of Born Ready is probably this propensity to mix perf and show, in proportions reminding us of the best hours of Dummies on Canal Plus.

On this January 5? This is simply what could be the preface to his book that Lance Stephenson will write against the Nets. That night Kyrie Irving makes his debut with the 2021-22 Nets, and on the floor he rubs shoulders with Kevin Durant and James Harden, which normally means that the opposing team does not interest many people. “In normal times”, an expression that surely hates Lance Stephenson, who will decide as soon as he comes into play that this evening will be his, that it will bear his seal. To put some context? Lance Stephenson timidly puts his nose to the window at the start of the season, after going through the G League box and a ten-day contract with the Hawks. But at the very start of the calendar year, he made his return with the Pacers, and that night he played his first “home” game in three and a half years, long enough to give a gift. unique to his lifelong fans.

Facts ? An entry into the game in the first quarter, instead of a Justin Holiday whom we love but who does not have a tenth of the charisma of Lance. The following ? Psychedelic. Lancestephensonesque. We’ve said the terms so let’s move on to the numbers, watch your eyes: a first shot coming in and the celebration that goes with it, Lance Stephenson is playing the guitar and the crowd is in a trance, but not as much as six minutes later, because during this period of time Lance will score TWENTY POINTS in a row, definitely putting this seemingly ordinary match in the category of those we won’t soon forget. We said the numbers so let’s move on to the images, watch your eyes:

In the end Lance Stephenson will reach half-time with 24 units on the clock, 30 at the end of the match. In the end the Pacers will lose this match but honestly… who cares? Who cares yeah, ’cause that night Sir Lancelot offered us what we come for as a fan of the NBA, of basketball but also of the show, of entertainment, of clowning. Five years that the crazy Pacers had not scored so much in an NBA game, and this status of local icon which took on even more importance on January 5.

There are the Hall Of Famers, there are the All-Stars, then there are “the others”. The Nick Youngs, the Kyle Kuzmas, the JR Smiths, those who really boost our lives as fans. And Lance Stephenson definitely falls into that category of hero.

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