Historical record: the NBA exceeds 10 billion dollars in revenue!

Historical record: the NBA exceeds 10 billion dollars in revenue!

After two years marked by the Covid-19 crisis, how are the finances of the NBA? The answer is a number: $10 billion in revenue. According to AP, this is an all-time record for the NBA which has never done so well, and Adam Silver is obviously very proud of this record for the 2021/22 season, up 58% from the previous season. !

To some extent, thehe numbers really surprised me because they exceeded projections. I think that’s pretty remarkable considering where we were two and a half years ago.“.

According to CNBC, about two billion dollars are related to TV rights (and derivatives), and 1.4 billion dollars are income related to sponsors like Microsoft, State Farm, Nike, PepsiCo, Verizon or Google. We therefore understand better why the salary cap has taken a 10% increase in one year.

At the franchise level, the figures have not been released, but the Warriors are on the verge of breaking a historic record with more than $700 million in revenue. For comparison, the Warriors posted a turnover of 471 million dollars in 2021, and they were already number 1 in the NBA.

Another proof of the good health of the NBA, the value of franchises. Thus Forbes announces that the Knicks are valued at 5.8 billion dollars, ahead of the Warriors (5.6 billion) and the Lakers (5.5 billion dollars).

Finally, for the past season, derivative products related to the NBA brought in 8.9 billion dollars, and that’s also a record!

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