DeMarcus Cousins ​​has no doubts about Chet Holmgren's success in the NBA

DeMarcus Cousins ​​has no doubts about Chet Holmgren’s success in the NBA

Currently free of any contract, after his last season spent between Milwaukee and Denver, DeMarcus Cousins was asked to comment on one of the most promising interiors of its generation: Chet Holmgren (20 years old), selected by the Thunder in 2nd position in the 2022 Draft.

An interior with a particular profile (2m13 for 88kg), which has already come under some criticism, because of this rather frail physique. But “DMC” would like to point out that the NBA is no longer as physical as before.

It’s not that NBA anymore “, he judges as well. ” I understand that we can [le critiquer sur son physique], it’s easy to do. When you are a good player in this league, we will talk about your positive points and your negative points. We said the same thing about Kevin Durant… and he dominated at all levels, because he can play basketball. It has nothing to do with his weight or his build. »

Flagship interior of the 2010s, since returned to the ranks because of a ruptured Achilles tendon then a rupture of the cruciate ligaments, DeMarcus Cousins ​​is well placed when it comes to evoking the modern pivot position. And so Chet Holmgren’s compatibility in today’s NBA, despite concerns over his physique…

Of course, he will have to strengthen himself physically, for a question of longevity. But when I hear that he’s going to get roughed up in the paint, when the interiors don’t play post anymore today… Apart from [Nikola] Jokic, [Joel] Embiid and maybe Karl-Anthony Towns, it doesn’t really play for the position anymore. So I don’t think that’s a problem. »

On the contrary, DeMarcus Cousins ​​is particularly confident about the future of Chet Holmgren.

I think he will thrive in the NBA game “Adds the quadruple All-Star, now 31 years old. ” He’s an incredible talent, someone you might think of as a unicorn. He is over 2m13 tall, he has the qualities of a fullback and he can shoot. He’s going to have a great career. »

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