D'Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell cracks and knocks out the players of the league!

Rather discreet on the court this season, D’Angelo Russell has just shaken up social networks with a tweet that has not gone unnoticed. The opportunity to launch an interesting substantive debate, which seems clearly legitimate…

Arrived in the NBA with great fanfare at the Lakers, D’Angelo Russell never really reached the expected potential. Of course, D-Lo is a solid scorer, skilled shooter and gifted passer. But heading into his eighth season in the league, it’s already hard not to have a bitter aftertaste about D-Lo. Author of dubious playoffs, the Wolves have also probed the market for their guard, in vain. It is therefore indeed at Minny that Russell’s career should continue.

D’Angelo Russell destroys NBA players!

Before talking about him again on the court, at least we hope, the Minnesota player ignited the web with a tweet in which he makes a laconic statement about his counterparts. Judge instead:

The NBA is filled with athletes, but not basketball players. Respectfully.

A cash opinion, which did not earn Russell pleasant comments. The proof with one of them, in reference to the famous “D-Loading”:

You’ve been charging for 7 years

Many other Internet users shared the former Laker’s observation, while recalling that such an outing on his part was rather daring:

It’s true ! Afterwards, no one wants to hear that from you bro. You’re strong and I’m a fan, but to date you haven’t had a good enough career to talk badly about your peers like that.

Everyone will have their own opinion, but it is true that many young players are now outstanding athletes, but without the fundamentals of previous generations.

D’Angelo Russell may not be in the best position to be so critical of his counterparts after his average season, but the debate he raises is inherently very interesting. And you, how do you position yourself?

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