Chris Brickley, NBA star coach

Chris Brickley, NBA star coach

It’s offseason time for NBA players, and when we talk about offseason, we’re not talking about rest and vacation. On the contrary, all players in the league take advantage of this moment to strengthen themselves physically, and to work on their game. Chances are that you have already seen one of these practices on social networks, or you know these famous pickup games, these improvised matches with several NBA stars. And in general, if they do not take place in LA, especially during the runs of Rico Hines, it is very likely that it is shot in New York, in the famous Black Ops Basketball gymnasium. A gym that was created especially by the man we’re going to talk about today, personal trainer to NBA stars, Chris Brickley.

Small dedication to Maxime, in internship at the editorial staff, who worked on this video.

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