NBA LeBron a un surnom pour ses fils

Bryce James shocks physically, Bronny must bow!

NBA LeBron has a nickname for his sons

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At the James, brothers Bronny (17) and Bryce (15) are each in their teens. However, their physical evolution is clearly different. And all this will necessarily count in the years to come…

If Bronny James already benefits from a great hype because of his status as the eldest son of LeBron James, a certain Bryce is making a sensational arrival on the front of the stage. Launched into the deep end for his first season of high school on the side of Sierra Canyon, “BMJ”, in reference to his middle name Maximus, responded present. A certain talent on the floor, which is accompanied by a rather monumental physical evolution in recent months.

Of course, in his time, Bronny had also experienced a growth spurt around the age of 15. The latter was nevertheless quite limited, and altogether normal. For Bryce, let’s just say it’s… different.

Bryce James’ meteoric growth spurt

In 2020, “BMJ” was still significantly smaller than Bronny, as shown in the photo below, taken at the start of the pandemic:

Today ? In the space of thirty months, the trend has completely reversed! And where Bronny peaks at around meter 95, Bryce is already close to the 2 meter mark, at only 15 years old!

Obviously, this push could have big consequences on the future of the teenager, he who could well reach the 2m06 of his father in the years to come. Already a very good shooter, with an above-average basketball IQ, Bryce has also recently demonstrated that he is cold as a blade in giving victory to his team at the last second. A success acquired under the eyes… of Bronny, present to encourage his brother. In any case, one thing is certain: we have not finished hearing about the guy.

Unlike Bronny, Bryce James seems set to have an adult physique much closer to the requirements of the NBA. And when we know his talent, there is no doubt that some scouts are already carrying out big missions on the teenager…

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