Le meneur star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, vient de franchir une première étape dans sa course contre la montre avant les playoffs

Big honor for Steph Curry in 2K23!

While August is here, NBA 2K23 is slowly starting to get people talking. The opus is expected for September around the world, and Steph Curry will have the right to a nice honor. The ringleader caused a stir with his latest celebration, and the developers decided to give him a little present.

Steph Curry has won everything this season with the Warriors, and intends to continue for the next school year, which will take place during the month of October. We expect a show from the Dubs, who will want to defend their title, despite a Western conference that is still fierce. While waiting to find the floors, the Chef will be able to have fun on NBA 2K23, since the opus is expected on console and PC for September 9.

Nice surprise for Steph Curry

Like every year, fans will rush to buy it, just to find their favorite players. There is no doubt that Curry will be played a lot by the supporters, who will have a little surprise if we trust the last trailer. The developers have a few additions planned, including Steph’s “night night” celebration, which went viral during the recent playoffs.

No confirmation, but if we find that in the trailer, we imagine that 2K23 has planned the celebration to be available. Something to delight the supporters, despite mixed reactions:

You have to include this one!

This celebration is getting old too fast

He better have a 99

He’s not the first to have done it, but Steph Curry’s night night celebration is definitely making the buzz, to the point that fans will have the opportunity to reproduce it. Not bad news for the Chef, who intends to bring it out for his return to the courts.

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