NBA Andrew Wiggins encensé après son bon match

A Warrior announces: “I will never do this again”

Big surprise from Golden State this year, Andrew Wiggins does not intend to rest on his laurels during the summer. The Canadian already has a goal in sight, wishing to remedy one of his biggest flaws. That would be nice, given his profile!

Whether Stephen Curry was voted Finals MVP when the Warriors were crowned, Andrew Wiggins’ name has long been part of the Bill Russell Trophy talk. This is to say how well the winger shone during the last weeks of the season, making his rating go up after an average debut at the Timberwolves. In Californian, however, he showed a completely different face, turning in particular to more than 16 points, an interception and an average counter in the post-season.

What surprised most about the Maple Jordan, however, was its relentless activity on the rebound. From the conference semifinals against the Grizzlies, he was simply untenable in this sector with six games in double figure. He even allowed himself a 16-take outing in Game 4 of the Finals against the Celtics, allowing the Dubs to almost systematically dominate the basket battle. An essential piece of data when you want to go all the way.

Andrew Wiggins finally wants to dominate on the rebound

Such a presence in the circles is however quite unusual for the Canadian, given that he only turns a little more than 4 rebounds per game in his career. It was also his average in the regular season this year, and with a little hindsight, the person concerned was shocked during an interview with Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner. He therefore took the opportunity to make a big promise to everyone, on this subject:

I look back now and think, “How? I didn’t really have clear ideas. I don’t know how it was possible. Especially when we were playing small in the series against Memphis and I needed to rebound, I was there and I was like, “It’s not that hard! I can take rebounds! And from there, I kept doing it. It helps us win, it gives us more possessions, and I’m like, ‘I can do this. I will never average four rebounds again.

That is what is said from the neo-All-Star, and it is true that with his athletic qualities, we can clearly expect more from him. Wiggs has a big trigger, has long arms and knows how to position himself when catching the ball following a missed shot, so he could easily go 6-7 strikes per game. His progress will therefore be closely monitored from the fall, in order to know if he will have been able to put words into action.

Andrew Wiggins ended 2021-22 a cannonball under the hoops, and he intends to pick up where he left off last season. This bodes well for the franchise he will wear, whether it’s the Warriors or someone else.

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