A new favorite stands out in the Kevin Durant file!

A new favorite stands out in the Kevin Durant file!

nearly two weeks after his trade request, Kevin Durant is still a Nets player, and the resolution to this problem does not seem imminent, the fault of a rather surprising lack of offers. Moreover, the situation forces bookmakers to review all their forecasts.

By accepting the trade request of Kevin Durant and by putting it on the market, the Nets no doubt expected to receive offers all crazier than each other. It must be said that the multiple All-Star has once again been exceptional this season, with the exception of the playoff series against the Celtics, and he clearly has the talent to take ambitious franchises to another dimension.

The concern is that after almost two weeks of rumors and speculation, the situation is still at a standstill, even worse, the franchises that the player would like to join are more and more reluctant to break the piggy bank to attract him. Its leaders still intend to respond favorably to its request, but the market is much less turbulent than the parties involved imagined.

Kevin Durant back with the Nets?!

Moreover, the situation is similar for Kyrie Irving, who has long been announced at the Lakers, but who is still under contract with Brooklyn. And according to the latest information from the Big Apple, the leader could finally decide to stay and try the adventure alongside Ben Simmons. A news that could impact the future of KD according to the Las Vegas bookmakers.

While they didn’t seem like an option until a few days ago, the Nets are the new bookmakers’ favorites in the Kevin Durant case. Despite the obvious dysfunctions within the franchise, despite the little credit given to Steve Nash by the playersthe No. 7 could stay one more season in Brooklyn the fault of offers not attractive enough to the taste of its leaders.

It remains to be seen whether he will remain professional throughout, or whether he will preserve himself on the floor to force the hand of his leaders, as James Harden was able to do in Houston and then in Brooklyn, where he chained diplomatic “wounds”. . Knowing the All-Star’s love for the orange ball he won’t cheat, which could quickly put the Nets on course for the title. With a vengeful Ben Simmons and a Kyrie playing for a max contract, this team could get terrifying.

What if the Nets retained Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to everyone’s surprise? If they succeed, they will have a good chance of going all the way to the title next spring, before perhaps rid of them. The next few weeks will be decisive.

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