JaVale McGee et LeBron James

4 gamer faces revealed in 2K23, JaVale McGee shocked by his head!

While the first information and the first visuals of NBA 2K23 land on the web, certain face models are making a lot of noise. JaVale McGee, in particular, seems to have some doubts about his representation in the new installment of the famous franchise…

It’s time! Like every summer, the sauce is slowly starting to rise around NBA 2K23, which will be released in the fall. Moreover, a rather appetizing first trailer has been unveiled – here it is below:

JaVale McGee shocked by her face

Of course, the first player models have also been unveiled. Here are those of LeBron James, Chris Paul, Trae Young and JaVale McGee:

If the rendering is spectacular concerning the King, the Point God and Ice Trae, JaVale McGee may feel a little aggrieved by the work of the developers. Moreover, the pivot hastened to react in a viral tweet, and in which he expresses his confusion:

Damn bro… What did I do before the game?

It actually appears on the screenshot that McGee consumed some narcotics or hit the bottle before the meeting! The good news is that the game can still be touched up, and the face of the former king of Shaqtin’ A Fool could well be adapted after this buzz.

To be perfectly modeled in 2K, you usually have to be a great gamer, and JaVale McGee learned that the hard way. What motivate him to sign a big season with Dallas? Do we ever know…

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