NBA Michael Jordan et Kobe Bryant

” This player ? He was so bad, everywhere he went was cancer”

Some athletes just aren’t cut out for the NBA, whether it’s because of their level of play or their personality. A former All-Star has also swung badly on an ex-teammate recently, revealing some pretty terrible details about the person concerned. No wonder he was so disappointed…

It’s never easy to assume a status of first draft choice, even less when it does not correspond to your level at all. Kwame Brown is the perfect example, he who is to date one of the worst draft picks of all time. Selected in 2001 by the Wizards and their GM, a certain Michael Jordan, he was unable to handle the pressure around him. It’s a miracle that he lasted twelve years in the league…

If he quickly left Washington, he never broke through elsewhere either, including at the Lakers where he was a blowing pipe for Kobe Bryant. The permanent disappointment he engendered also very quickly tipped him over, according to Gilbert Arenas who rubbed shoulders with him in the American capital. Passing on Vlad TV some time ago, the ex-leader thus affirmed that the pivot was a notorious alcoholic. The words of the former All-Star are strong:

Gilbert Arenas swings badly on Kwame Brown

He ended up going to Golden State and played six games…he was just horrible. They didn’t make the playoffs, they were like 13th. He left and suddenly they were 6th in their conference. Everywhere he went was cancer. I can be honest now, we’re not friends. He was a fucking alcoholic, man. He was a drunk, that’s what Kwame Brown was.

It’s hard to make a more resounding confession… Clearly, the two men are not on good terms at all, they who played together between 2003 and 2005. As soon as the opportunity arose, Brown therefore turned to the bottle, which is why rush his career into the abyss a little more. Agent zero does not feel the slightest pity for him, even adding a layer and pushing him a little more:

When he had a bad game, he got drunk. Even when he had a good game, he was drunk. That’s how he coped with life… “As soon as I leave practice, I’m drunk and I’m going to be drunk all day”. When he takes it out on everyone, you can tell he’s drunk. He can’t get in front of that camera sober.

I had to ask players and coaches, “Was Kwame Brown that bad? I remember I was talking to someone the other day and we were talking about alcoholics. I was told “one of your former teammates was an alcoholic”. I walked past it a couple of times and it smelled terrible. It was hot because he had no one. So he drank. He had a bad game and drank even more. And he always had bad games, so he was always drunk.

Gilbert Arenas didn’t hold back on Kwame Brown, who will go down as one of the biggest busts in history for a long time to come. We also regret that his setbacks made him sink into alcoholism…

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