LeBron en remet une couche et tacle à nouveau le boss des Lakers !

“They are maneuvering to recover LeBron James next summer”

After a disappointing season in the City of Angels, LeBron James is preparing for a new exercise with the Lakers, with the same ambition: the title. But what will happen if the defeats are linked? Is it possible that the King decides to leave for a new destination? What is certain is that some teams can try their luck in 2023.

Still excellent at the Lakers last year, despite his 37 candles, LeBron James continues to evolve at an impressive level. But for how long ? Difficult to know for the King, who continues to push his limits with one goal: to win a fifth career ring, and if possible in the City of Angels. A realistic goal alongside Anthony Davis and company, except that the competition in the West still seems strong.

It is widely possible that the Angelinos end with another disappointment, and without playoffs. Quality franchises are numerous in the West, and Rob Pelinka is still struggling to find trades to try to significantly improve his workforce. The soap opera Russell Westbrook is proof of this, since we are headed for failure with the Nets, or the Pacers. Another team even refused the player’s services.

LeBron James ready to jump ship in 2023?

In the event of another failure, it is normal to ask some questions about the future of LeBron, who will be a free agent in the summer of 2023 at present. He may sign a contract extension this summer, but nothing is done, since the Akron native may prefer to be on the market in a year. If so, the Cavaliers are a team to watch according to Brian Windhorst, with the franchise having the necessary funds.

Brian Windhorst on LeBron James’ future: “I don’t feel like LeBron wants to leave the Lakers. But I think it’s important to point out that the Cavs will have a big salary cap next summer, where LeBron could potentially become a free agent. »

Could James join Cleveland again? Remember that number 6 has always displayed his ambition to win the title, so a competitive team would be needed to consider a return to Ohio. Nothing should ever be ruled out in the NBA world, but the Cavaliers won’t want to hinder the progress of their young players either, even for a big run in the playoffs. Nevertheless, and unless LeBron extends this summer, the conditions will be met in a year.

Can LeBron James return to the Cavaliers? It’s not impossible, although the interest of his former team is potentially limited. There are a lot of young people to develop in Ohio, so recruiting the King might not necessarily be the best solution. However, the door remains open.

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