Steph Curry et Green réagissent à la grande nouvelle pour Klay Thompson !

The Warriors’ crazy $61 million masterstroke!

Like other teams, the Warriors had to make choices this summer, letting a few players go. Nevertheless, the front office was able to be clever when it came to compensating for the losses, to the point of making a huge hit at $61 million. A great maneuver on the part of the leaders, but above all savings for Joe Lacob.

Champions or not, the Warriors were not going to escape a certain household during the summer, the fault for contract purposes. Gary Payton II was logically looking to be paid after a good season, just like Otto Porter Jr, who wanted to relaunch. The two players finally jumped ship, the first for Portland, the second for the Raptors. Two starts that hurt, even if Golden State responded perfectly on paper.

Under these conditions, it is often necessary to trust the front office in order to achieve good business, and we can say that GM Bob Myers has succeeded. Donte DiVincenzo reinforced the Dubs from the early days of free agency, he who averaged 9 points and 4 rebounds last year. Start of the week ? This is JaMychal Green, highly prized veteran, who reached an agreement to join California.

The Warriors’ huge blow to the market

Even though Payton II is going to miss with his fearsome defense, it’s safe to say that Golden State is doing fine on paper. The contribution promises to be interesting from the two players, especially as Joe Lacob, the owner, can have a smile. By replacing these two players in this way, the management will save a lot of money, more than 60 million in fact. Like what, you have to see the positive.

The Warriors saved $61 million in luxury taxes and salaries by letting Gary Payton II and Otto Porter go and replacing them with Donte DiVincenzo and JaMychal Green.

Silver level, we can say that the move is very solid for the Warriors. On the courts, will the lack be felt? In defense, no doubt, but for the rest? Probably not. A good maneuver for the Dubs and Joe Lacob, who is rubbing his hands. It remains to be seen whether the franchise will manage to take on a new title.

The Warriors have again made a nice move in the market, at least from an economic point of view. The arrivals of DiVincenzo and Green are well received by the fans, who will have a big role to play coming off the bench next season. In the meantime, it’s Joe Lacob who can smile.

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