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The qualities of a manager


Is not a good manager who wants. Who says manager, says good leader. In order to manage well and have a nice cohesive team, certain aspects of management must be known and applied.

Pay attention to team members

Good managers don’t just think about their career and development. Their goal is to progress together and they know how to connect with the members of their team in order to move forward as a group.

The good manager must ensure that all the collaborators who work with him are on the same wavelength and clear with the overall vision of what is expected of them.

Know how to delegate

Trusting isn’t always easy, as the saying goes, you’re never better served than by yourself. However, it is better to avoid delegating tasks and to continue monitoring your collaborators in order to know if the work is well done.

The good manager must trust, not monitor and dare to give responsibilities employees who know how to give the best of themselves.

Be a good communicator

Communication is very important in the relationship between a manager and his employees. A good manager knows speak and explain things, he also knows how to listen and learn from exchanges between the employees and himself.

Respect for the team also involves communication, which must be clear, precise and natural.

Set clear and realistic goals

As a team manager, one of the main missions of the manager is to set the objectives of his employees and ensure that they achieve them. VSGoals must remain achievable and realistic for the person who must reach them.

The objectives set by a good manager must be understood and assimilated by the teams.

Be positive and optimistic

The good manager must know how to remain optimistic and this is a quality that can make the difference between success and failure. Staying positive in all circumstances is a state of mind that allows you to consider failure as a new opportunity to learn and bounce back better.

By maintaining an optimistic state of mind, the good manager sets an example of the behavior to follow on a daily basis.

Know how to make decisions

The job of a good manager is not to have all the answers and make his own decisions alone in his corner. It is important that decisions are taken to avoid vagueness in the continuity of business, but they can be decided after consultation with employees.

The good manager retains responsibility for the final decision while directing his questions to the members of his team..

Be good in your skin and in your head

A good manager must be able to be in tune with himself and be happy at work to help employees. Thus, he will want to get involved and show his teams the pleasure of being able to work together.

Thanks to this attitude, the manager will also know how to give positive feedback, encourage employees and say thank you for the work done.

Be grateful for the work of your team

Recognition at work is a motivating factor for employees. A simple phrase of thanks or celebrating the success of a team project are simple things but they allow the cohesion and esteem of each employee. A good manager shows his team that he is aware of the work that is being done and this boosts employee confidence.

Happiness at work enables the balance that is so important between work and personal life. Showing gratitude is important on a daily basis.

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