Magic Johnson aime la France

The madness of Magic Johnson yesterday in France, near Nice!

For many years, Magic Johnson has found its haven of peace to spend beautiful family holidays: France. A great fan of the south of France, the Hall of Famer shared with his 5 million subscribers his great pleasure this Thursday afternoon. The good life, isn’t it?

When Magic Johnson discovered the Nice region on the sidelines of the Dream Team’s stay in Monte Carlo, something clicked. Since then, it is therefore very regularly that the 2m06 carcass of one of the greatest players in history can be seen in the sector. After several decades of surveying the region, the boss of Showtime has scoured many famous towns on the coast, from Antibes to Cannes via many surrounding villages.

Near Nice, Magic Johnson offers upscale pleasure

But for the eyes of his wife Cookie, Magic has unearthed a new corner of paradise, near Eze, a few steps from Nice. In this town of 2,000 inhabitants which overlooks the Mediterranean, offering a breathtaking view, the Johnsons had lunch in a very famous restaurant:

We enjoyed a very nice lunch in Eze, France at the Hotel Chèvre d’Or. It was a new city for Cookie and I, inhabited since 1388. Our lunch was prepared by a Michelin chef, and was among the best food and desserts I have ever had!

The hotel is located at the top of a hill, and offers one of the most spectacular panoramas on the French Riviera!

You will have understood it: Magic had a great time, and we understand it when we take a quick look at the menu of chef Arnaud Faye. For 135 euros at lunch, and an addition beyond 200 euros in the evening, finely cooked products such as mackerel, pigeon or celery are offered. As for the dessert, a black forest accompanied by cherry liqueur, it capsized the five-time NBA champion.

The love story between Magic Johnson and France is not about to end, and it looks like the former Lakers point guard will still be spending many summer holidays on the side of the Mediterranean Riviera in the years to come. And we can understand it!

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