Delonte West veut devenir entraineur en NBA

The latest shocking images of Delonte West

After an aborted return to the floors of the BIG 3, Delonte West unfortunately resumed his homeless lifestyle. Recently found by a family, the former NBA leader delivered a most touching speech to his interlocutors.

No one in the NBA landscape has forgotten his terrible return to the news in 2020, nor the images of his arrest in a sorry state. A member of the big league for eight seasons, Delonte West has failed to grow the fortune he has accumulated there. On the straw, the ex-teammate of LeBron James at the Cavaliers now roams the streets of Virginia, without a goal or a house to return to.

At its lowest, the moving words of Delonte West

On the shelves of the Big 3 following high aerobatic tests carried out, West eventually dropped that comeback plan, and so continues to be spotted by roadside fans from time to time. Recently, a family filmed their discussion with him, and shared their touching exchange with a young man who did not know his past:

Child : Did you play with LeBron at the Celtics? (West was drafted and spent 4 seasons in Boston, editor’s note)

Delonte West: No, I played with him in Cleveland.

Child : So you’re in 2K? What’s your name ?

Delonte West: Delonte West.

Penniless, the former leader nevertheless keeps a big heart, and offered valuable advice for this boy, who obviously dreams of following in his footsteps to the NBA:

Keep working hard, okay? If others can do it, you can do it too! You watch them do it, and you do the same as them!

West finally offered a poignant answer to the questions of the driver of the vehicle, no better informed than her child on her liabilities, and revealed where all her money evaporated:

I took care of all my family and the kids, and made sure they could go to college or have roofs over their heads. Me, I fly with my own wings, I expect nothing in return.

Despite his deplorable situation, Delonte West tries to keep a positive message with the people he meets, and to inspire the youngest in their quest for the NBA. What pity a little more the fans on his terrible fate.

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