NBA Durant protecteur envers Westbrook ?

The interaction between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook that has fans going wild!

One time teammates, one time enemies, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant no longer seem on bad terms today. This is in any case what we can say with the last interaction between the two men, who did not fail to react to Internet users. For many, this may be a sign.

While he must manage his future with the Lakers, always uncertain, Russell Westbrook remains active on social networks, at least on his Instagram account. Same thing for Kevin Durant, who is expected to leave the Nets in the coming months, depending on opposing offers. Problem, the consideration is too high for the star, who will have to be patient to know his future destination.

Kevin Durant’s already viral story!

Some have already imagined a reunion between the two men, which has almost no chance of happening. Nevertheless, one should never say never, since KD and Westbrook managed to work through their differences over the years. Brodie had never digested the player’s departure to the Warriors, like many fans at the same time. Today ? Durant appears publicly in the clothes of his former teammate.

The Nets player was promoting a new field here, in the Harlem district of New York. But it’s her clothes that make a lot of noise, since it’s Westbrook’s brand, called “Honor the Gift”. This isn’t a first for the Slim Reaper, but it sure makes a few people smile. Fans dream of a new association between the two, especially since Russ shared the photo…

They’re gonna team up in Brooklyn again, I pray for that 🙏🏽

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant interacting on social media? We don’t see that often, but it’s proof that there is something better in the relationship between the two players. From there to see a return together, on the floors? There is a world, but everything is possible in the NBA.

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