Le talentueux intérieur français de l'équipe de France U19, Victor Wembanyama, a été qualifié de « meilleur joueur du monde » par un adversaire suite à la finale de la Coupe du monde perdue face à Team USA

The crazy sequence of Victor Wembanyama which sets the USA ablaze!

A few months before the big jump and his Draft in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama already benefits from a big hype in the United States. The proof with a viral sequence, which amazed many Internet users. It must be said that the former ASVEL is very impressive…

Newly signed by Boulogne-Levallois, it is in his native Ile-de-France region that Victor Wembanyama will play his last season before flying to the NBA. The opportunity for him to make further progress, to assert himself too, and to continue to salivate the army of scouts, fans and observers who are watching him with a telescope from the other side of the Atlantic.

Victor Wembanyama already amazes the Americans

Very recently, a sequence of the 2021-2022 season during an ASVEL match was published by a Pistons account. Quickly, social networks were packed, likes and retweets multiplied by the thousands, and the entire web was flabbergasted by the agility of Wembanyama despite his colossal size. Take a look below:

No one who could reach 2m25 should be able to move like that

Unsurprisingly, the discovery of the sequence left many Internet users in the land of Uncle Sam speechless:

Tanking is going to be amazing this year 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I understand why Spurs do what they do

What is this kind of divine Kevin Durant?!!?!?

It goes without saying that with his unique profile in history and his enormous talent pool, Victor Wembanyama has already put America at his feet. However, it will be necessary to confirm from the Draft next spring… and this is indeed where the hardest part will begin for the tricolor.

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