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The big news at the Lakers that will delight LeBron!

The season hasn’t started yet for the Lakers, who continue to make some roster changes. Arrivals, possible departures, but also an extension. The latest will delight LeBron James, since he is close to the person concerned. Good news in Los Angeles to end this month of July.

Far from being in the playoffs last year, the Lakers have largely disappointed. The franchise will have to catch up in a few months, with the possibility of winning a new title after the one acquired in 2020, but in other words there is still a long way to go. The front office is preparing for all scenarios, with the hope of attracting Kyrie Irving, who will have to wait for Kevin Durant’s departure to find out more about his future. The priority of the player is known.

Big extension at the Lakers!

While waiting for the rest, Angelinos fans got some very good news to end the current month: Phil Handy, considered one of the best assistants in the whole league, has extended his contract in the City of Angels. The latter was to end in a year, with major interest throughout the NBA to recruit him. Instead, Handy decided to stay, and for the long haul.

The Lakers signed assistant coach Phil Handy to a contract extension last week. Previously, Handy had only one year remaining on his contract.

Knowing that LeBron James is quite close to Handy, we imagine that he is very happy with the news. The assistant coach has no intention of leaving to join another franchise, and this news is delighting the supporters.

Yes sir. Well-deserved

Biggest Lakers achievement this offseason so far

Phil Handy not only stays at the Lakers, but he has also just signed a contract extension with the franchise, putting an end to the suspense. Great news for the Angelinos, since we are talking about one of the best in his field, and someone very respected throughout the NBA. LeBron James can smile.

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