Les superstars NBA Draymond Green et Stephen Curry auraient vu leurs espoirs de titre disparaitre selon un ancien de la ligue

The big All-Star who curtly failed the Warriors

Called to make big trades last summer to return to the top, the Warriors did not need it in the end. However, a star of the franchise has openly admitted to having tried to recruit a big name in the league… and to have taken a murderous refusal on his part!

According to some analysts, their workforce at the time could not allow them to claim the title in view of the tough competition. A good way to over-motivate the Warriors, who were happy to make their critics lie last season. Despite their refusal to trade to attract other stars to the Bay, Steph Curry & Co. indeed managed to be crowned champions a few months later.

The rumors were however insistent about them during the previous off-season. With their package made up of Andrew Wiggins and several promising players like Jonathan Kuminga or James Wiseman, the Dubs could no doubt have recruited another cador, but preferred not to upset their roster. On the other hand, they would have tried their luck with a renowned free agent… without success.

The violent snob of DeMar DeRozan at the Warriors

Very active on the free agent market, the leaders of Golden State have managed to get their hands on Andre Iguodala, Nemanja Bjelica or even Otto Porter Jr. They could even have presented an even more impressive record thanks to… Draymond Green. In the last episode of his podcast, where he chats with DeMar DeRozan, the big man nevertheless revealed that he had not succeeded in flirting with his interlocutor!

During free agency, I talked to you every day asking how you were doing, where you were at and all that. And as the conversation progressed, I ended up saying to you, “You just come to the Warriors! And there you were, “No way, f*ck, I’m not coming.” I’m not coming to play with you all! I said, “If you come to the Warriors, we could win a title!” He didn’t come, and we still won a title.

Very coveted last year, DeRozan would have liked to join his native California, and more precisely Los Angeles. However, the Lakers’ interest never materialized into a sufficient offer to sign him. The star back therefore gave in to the advances of the Bulls, where he is coming out of a very high-flying individual campaign. A good way for him to prove that he still had the level to place himself as a franchise player, for his greatest pride.

Despite this, DMDR may possibly harbor some regrets for not having responded favorably to Draymond’s call. He might then have been able to get his hands on the champion ring that is missing from his list. However, nothing says that the Warriors would have pocketed the Larry O’Brien trophy with him in their ranks, which probably explains the smile displayed by the two men on this sequence!

Worried about the fate reserved for DeMar DeRozan last year, Draymond Green would have liked to see him evolve alongside him at Golden State. The former Raptor, however, still hopes to win a title without the help of a superteam like the Warriors!

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