La superstar NBA des Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul, a instauré une règle assez dingue dans l'hôtel de son équipe durant ces playoffs

The 5 league stars who have NEVER been substitutes!

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For a variety of reasons, including a low profile start to a career or a return from injury, the overwhelming majority of NBA players routinely come off the bench multiple times in their career. However, 5 stars have never endorsed this substitute status in the league, including the eternal Chris Paul. We take stock in numbers.

Being a substitute happens to everyone, doesn’t it? Same LeBron James it was once, that is to say! Well no. For the 5 players below, who have compiled thousands of NBA games between them, there has never been a need to drop the tracksuit at the scorer’s table. Here are the lucky winners, holders of a prestigious but precarious streak:

5. Karl-Anthony Towns: 493 games

Minnesota Timberwolves star NBA insider Karl-Anthony Towns came under fire from a league personality on Twitter for his trash-talking towards Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook

Regular season : 482 matches
Playoffs : 11 matches

4. Andrew Wiggins: 625 games

Andrew Wiggins at the Warriors

Regular season : 598 matches
Playoffs : 27 matches

3. Kyrie Irving: 685 games

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Regular season : 611 matches
Playoffs : 74 matches

2. Damian Lillard: 772 matches

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Regular season : 711 matches
Playoffs : 61 matches

1. Chris Paul: 1,297 matches

Phoenix Suns star NBA point guard Chris Paul slammed historic performance, never signed by Michael Jordan or LeBron James

Regular season : 1,155 games
Playoffs : 142 games

Of the 5 names mentioned, that of Chris Paul necessarily deserves respect. Present in the league for almost 2 decades, CP3 has certainly fought against many injuries, but has always maintained such a standard that he has never had to come off the bench. Hats off.

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