NBA Griffin le joueur le plus respecté en NBA

The 15 best players still free, with very heavy!

As August approaches, the transfer market has calmed down across the league. However, many high-sounding names are still available, like Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin or Collin Sexton. We take stock.

After the usual frenzy linked to the opening of free agency, the market seems to be dormant on the side of the NBA. According to the latest indiscretions reported by insiders, many executives have gone on vacation altogether, and intend to resume business when they return from their summer holidays. In short, the league is dormant (even if it never is completely), and business should resume in the coming weeks.

The good news for the various teams who want to strengthen themselves further is that this market is fertile, and still has some very nice moves to make. Many veterans, bets, shooters or regulars of the playoffs: the list below is something to catch the eye.

Very heavy still available on the free agent market!

For some of the names listed, there is no doubt that they will find a match. We think for example of Collin Sexton, who is trying to raise the stakes but who should continue in Cleveland. Montrezl Harrell and DeMarcus Cousins, who are coming off successful seasons in their respective roles, also don’t have too much to worry about and can let their agent work calmly.

The situation is however more complicated for veterans who have been losing momentum for several years. Dwight Howard, for example, now seems anachronistic with regard to the evolution of the game in the NBA, and his last two defensive seasons are not likely to reassure potential buyers. Blake Griffin, valuable in Brooklyn but often plagued by injuries, also falls into the category of former stars who could struggle to bounce back.

In the lead, Dennis Schröder tried to publicly hit on LeBron a few days ago, in order to try his luck at the Lakers. In vain. There remains the question mark Rajon Rondo, able to be so valuable in the playoffs, but who offers few guarantees at almost 37 years old.

No doubt: NBA teams have some pretty names to look at in the coming weeks. However, it is very likely that there are no opportunities offered to each of the names listed above. So goes the hard law of the NBA and the passage of time…

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