Le talentueux intérieur français de l'équipe de France U19, Victor Wembanyama, a été qualifié de « meilleur joueur du monde » par un adversaire suite à la finale de la Coupe du monde perdue face à Team USA

Terrible blow for Victor Wembanyama!

While the French team began its Eurobasket preparation course on Friday, Victor Wembanyama received very bad news. Not a good omen, neither for the French team, nor to reassure themselves a few months before the Draft…

Decidedly, one could end up believing that it is cursed. Selected by Vincent Collet to make his debut with the senior France team, Victor Wembanyama has yet again seen fate play a dirty trick on him. In an official press release published around 7:50 p.m., the FFBB announced that the French nugget was out for the entire Blues campaign this summer.

Victor Wembanyama out for the entire campaign of the French team

Vincent COLLET (coach of the French men’s team) and Boris DIAW (General Manager of Team France Basket) had called Victor WEMBANYAMA for the preparation course for EuroBasket 2022, which begins this Friday in Paris. Unfortunately, the young French talent is still not recovered from an injury contracted during the season with his former club ASVEL. He is therefore forfeited for the summer 2022 campaign.

After having sent his last medical examinations to the medical staff of the French team, and after an exchange between the player’s doctor and the doctor of the national team, it was agreed that it was not possible to integrate Victor Wembanyama in the preparation of the Blues for the EuroBasket.

Vincent Collet has no plans to replace the player for the moment.

For Wembanyama, the news is unfortunate on several counts. First, the Ile-de-France player still sees his debut in the French team being postponed, when he seemed to be mature enough to finally measure himself against the senior international circuit and gain experience. And then, above all, this new relapse still casts doubt on the health of the former ASVEL player less than a year from the Draft.

Already regularly impacted by injury problems at his age, Wembanyama is obviously far from 100% despite a physical glitch contracted more than a month ago. This data, which scouts and observers have long considered to be its greatest potential weakness, must be dealt with as well as possible, and quickly. The history of basketball is unfortunately littered with players with tremendous potential, but whose injuries have completely ruined the course.

We must now hope that Wembz uses the summer to re-hit 100%, and pray to the gods of the orange ball so that he can play an entire season without health concerns on the side of Boulogne-Levallois. Other injuries, on the other hand, could start to impact his rating in the land of Uncle Sam…

The summer campaign of the Blues will be without Victor Wembanyama, ousted from the first day by decision of the doctors. Very bad news for the 18-year-old player, who is definitely piling up the galleys in terms of physical form…

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