Salement trash-talké en plein match, Steph Curry répond avec un dernier quart de folie !

Steph Curry seen in the room, archi-muscular!

New NBA champion, Steph Curry intends to continue his momentum with the Warriors, to try to defend his title. As one might think, no question of resting for the leader, already very busy since the beginning of July. The interested party was seen in the room, and very muscular, ready to respond to his defenders at the start of the school year.

After a tremendous season, Steph Curry has nothing left to prove to this league, but don’t count on him to rest. Following a new final, with a fourth career ring already, the Chef intends to return to it to overtake LeBron James and company. The ambition remains the same with the Warriors, especially since time seems limited for this roster, which should explode in the more or less near future.

Curry? No need to worry among the fans. He still has 4 years of contract, and he has just let go a huge statement about his future. A very strong choice for the leader, who has no intention of playing with trade rumours. He feels good in Golden State, to the point that he wants to continue winning everything. Results ? Another busy summer for Baby Face.

Stephen Curry already ready for recovery

No question of unemployment for the leader, who continues to work on his game, to become even better, but especially on his physique. You have to be able to keep up the pace against the defenders, who always find ways to destabilize Steph on the floor. His trainer, Carl Bergstrom, shared a recent video of him, and it’s safe to say he’s got muscle.

Power, but also balance for Curry, who has to work all parts of his body to be able to make the difference. What is certain is that the Chief continues to make the necessary efforts, always with the aim of winning everything in 2023: now the NBA has been warned. A few weeks ago, Bergstrom had posted another video:

Steph Curry is already on a mission, he who wants to do what is necessary to continue winning titles. The work begins today for the leader, just like LeBron James, who is not idle in the room. This promises great competition in the West next year.

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