Paris 27 juillet 2022

Paris, a must-see city for NBA stars looking for a vacation

We grant you, we are currently not in the most exhilarating period of the season. In the hearts of NBA fans, the month of August often rhymes with boredom. And for good reason, the Playoffs end in June, the Free Agency is in full swing in July and the first matches return in September. August ? It’s the month of selfies on a yacht, cocktails on private beaches and parties in screened-in villas. Not really the kind of activity that ordinary mortals can identify with. So why not take advantage of these quieter few weeks to take stock of the most popular destinations for our favorite players when they go on vacation? Come on, let’s continue in Paris, because we couldn’t imagine leaving France without going through our capital.

After having explored the south-east of our country – and Monaco – to unearth a good number of NBA players who have come to relax at the sea, we now have to move away from it to find a place very frequented by the stars of the league. And even if we really like Lyon, Toulouse, Lille or even Bibiche – yes, this village exists – there is really only one city located inland capable of attracting so many stars: Paris. Due to its international reputation, the capital has indeed some attractive assets for those who have the means to spend an entire stay criss-crossing the five-star hotels. Inevitably, we wanted to start with someone who is a great connoisseur: Michael Jordan. Yes, His Airness has come to Paris many times and he has his habits. Whether on a business trip or anonymously, MJ is particularly fond of great Parisian restaurants such as the Club Matignon. Well, we’re not going to lie to you, so it might be difficult to meet him since he lives mostly at night and the places he frequents are… let’s say slightly beyond our means.

Of course, Jordan also appears in Paris on promotions, like many, MANY other NBA players. However, the latter like to repeat that it is also a vacation for them, where time is shared between walks, shopping and more professional solicitations. We can also mention LeBron James who, although he prefers yacht trips in the Mediterranean, often found himself in the capital to promote himself, as in 2009, the date of his first visit to France. After ten years without having set foot in France, Joel Embiid also returned in 2018 during a trip for Adidas. Staying a few days in Paname, Jojo had had time to visit different places like the Louvre, in front of which he had posed. Already returned several times since, we can also expect to see him more and more frequently, now that he has obtained French nationality. A word of advice: if you are fans of the Sixers, travel the roads of the Tour de France next year, on a misunderstanding you may come across a 2m13 man with a sign ” Go Alain Philippe. »

If there’s anyone who regularly comes to spend part of his vacation in Paris, it’s Russell Westbrook. Capital of fashion, no? Of course, it’s a title that speaks to our friend Russ. As soon as he can, the latter does not hesitate to go to Paris Fashion Week and takes the opportunity to walk around town, as evidenced by his publications on social networks. The advantage of not having a ring is that we are on vacation earlier by definition. In 2018, on the occasion of the parades of Dior or Louis Vuitton, the leader was also accompanied by Carmelo Anthony, Jaylen Brown and James Harden.

We can’t write these lines to you either without reminding you that Kobe also used to come to France and especially to Paris. Having lived for some time in Mulhouse during his adolescence, when his father played there, the Mamba had kept a very good impression of France and therefore did not hesitate to go to the capital when he had time. Tracy McGrady also recently said that he had spent a vacation in Paris with the Bryant family when the two Hall of Famers were still 18 years old. If one took the opportunity to have a good time, the other stumbled over Michael Jordan videos and karate movies. We’ll let you guess who was doing what. Finally, we wanted to end with a more current example since it dates from… last night. In his Instagram story, Jordan Poole has indeed shared a video of him taking shots in a Parisian gymnasium at midnight. A few days earlier, the Warriors player was in Greece. We can therefore deduce that even if the images seem to come from a late workout, the cat lover is passing through Paris to have a good time with his friends.

Well, for once we could say that the vast majority of NBA stars have at least once set foot in Paris. However, we will have had the opportunity here to see the differences between the generations and the places most frequented by our favorite athletes. Whether it’s restaurants, museums or fashion shows, Paname is full of places where players like to go.

Source text: 20 minutes / Sixers Wire / Le Parisien / The Sports Rush

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