Matthew Dellavedova back in the NBA

Matthew Dellavedova back in the NBA

In search of a replacement point guard, the Kings had put a few on trial and they finally decided to hire the Australian Matthew Dellavedova. We do not know the details of his contract, including whether it is guaranteed or not.

At 31, it’s a return for the former Cavalier as he spent last season in the country with Melbourne United. He shot 10.3 points at 38.9%, 3.1 rebounds and 4.8 assists.

His goal was to be able to relaunch in the NBA to find a place in the NBA, he who had experienced a very difficult 2020-21 season, little used, and above all the victim of a very serious concussion. In 13 small games he had turned to 2.8 points at horrible percentages: 25% including 16% from afar. It was hardly better the pre-pandemic season with 3.1 points to 35.4% including 23.1% from a distance. Not known to be a great shooter, he did not experience the expected progress that could have allowed him to get a better place in the NBA.

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