Terrible désillusion pour Kyrie Irving ?

Kyrie Irving’s new sneakers revealed, he gets humiliated!

One of the most divisive characters in the league, Kyrie Irving is already receiving a lot of criticism for his extra-sporting escapades. Recently, however, it is because of his latest signature shoe that he has been the subject of relentlessness on the networks!

Extremely expected when he left the NCAA, he had no trouble hitting the jackpot thanks to his sponsorship contracts. 1st pick of the Draft 2011, Kyrie Irving had at the time been the subject of intense canvassing by equipment manufacturers, before signing with Nike. Since then, the collaboration between the star rear and the Swoosh brand has allowed the creation of several iconic models… before a certain loss of steam in recent years.

First images of the Kyrie 9, fans are destroying it

Model very popular with NBA players before, the Kyries range has been gradually disappearing from the floors for some time. The revenue it generates also seems to be decreasing, which would make Nike not want to renew its partnership with Kyrie beyond the 2022-23 season. The American giant nevertheless had to imagine a new design for the star of the Nets, which has just been unveiled:

With its a priori translucent upper and its still technical sole, the Kyrie 9 sports a look combining novelties and sure values ​​from previous models. The color presented seems quite bland despite a few touches of red. The first assessment is therefore intended to be rather mixed… and even catastrophic for a good number of Internet users, who have not gone out of their way to criticize the pair and its future wearer!

They are hideous, they get rid of Kyrie with a lousy shoe 😂

Shit, maybe they should have discontinued his shoe line before this year.

His worst sneakers to date. Nobody is going to buy these things 🤣 Nike must try to break his contract 🤔

While waiting to find out which jersey he will wear next year, Kyrie Irving already knows which shoes he will put on. And it may well be that he is not very satisfied with the work of Nike, as has already been the case on some of his recent sneakers!

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