“King” James invests in the little queen

“King” James invests in the little queen

Recently billionaire sportsman, LeBron James continues to invest its greenbacks. The Lakers star has just put 30 million dollars in the German brand Canyon, which specializes in cycling.

It is one of the favorite activities of the four-time NBA champion, who spoke of this passion to the Wall Street Journal in 2018 as a ” Art of living “.

With this investment from “King James”, the company, whose sales have been on the rise for several years, has seen its value grow to 750 million dollars.

A figure that could increase further in the years to come, with the growing importance of cycling in the daily lives of millions of people across the planet.

“LeBron James is one of the greatest athletes in the world and cycling is very close to his heart. It’s the perfect marriage.”Nicholas de Ros Wallace, Canyon’s chief executive, told the Financial Times.

Canyon will use that money to try to win even more of the US market, which represents less than $100 million in revenue per year. The brand hopes to double its sales in the USA within four years.

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