NBA KD cash en conférence de presse

Kevin Durant seen with a superstar in a box, the web panics!

While the rumors around his trade continue to make noise, Kevin Durant keeps quiet on the subject and lives his life as he sees fit. Most recently, it was alongside a superstar of the league, and not just any, that he was seen in a nightclub. So inevitably, it makes people talk…

It has now been more than a month since Kevin Durant requested his trade, to no avail. While the two-time NBA champion was surely hoping for things to settle down quickly, the league market has fallen asleep as a whole, and no significant movement seems on the horizon. Miami, Toronto or even Phoenix are among the most serious franchises on the file, and discussions have indeed taken place, but no team has approached the huge demand from the Nets.

A few days ago, however, the KD case was revived by the sensational arrival of a cador from the East in the race in the person of Boston. According to multiple insiders, the Celtics are the best equipped to capsize the heart of GM Broolyn Sean Marks, as long as they let go of Jaylen Brown in the maneuver.

Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant, the viral photo

It is in this context of bridge and rumors between the two teams that Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum came out together and publicly this week at a party:

Of course, seeing the two men team up like this in public immediately caused a sensation, and Jayson Tatum did not fail to be picked up by journalists at the exit. Obviously well briefed, “JT” gave only crumbs in response to the many questions:

Journalist: “What do you think of the rumors announcing the possible arrival of KD to the Nets? »

Tatum: “Nothing at all. I just play basketball”

Journalist: “Do you have a dream team? »

Tatum: “The one I play for every year”

Journalist: “How would you like to play with KD? »

Tatum: “I played with him for Team USA, and he’s a great player. But it’s not my decision. I love my team and the guys we have. I don’t even know if this rumor is true or not! »

In the midst of rumors, it was obvious that such a photo would set fans and journalists ablaze, and that is precisely what happened. A harbinger of the fire duo to come? Case to follow. In any case, we will still have to be patient…

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